Task Analysis

Task Analysis and Story Board

As the name suggests, this is about analyzing (exploring/mapping out) a website from the user’s perspective and/or the system’s perspective.*

Site Diagram

Structural / Functional Site Diagram

A Function Structure Diagrams (FSD) is a graphical representation of the functions a product performs on its inputs and outputs. The overall function is broken down into elemental or atomic sub-functions. Each sub-funtion can not be broken down further and is solution neutral.

Site Deconstruction

Site Deconstruction

Demonstrates the existing pages, cross-links, in-page links, links to external websites, and broken links. The website may includes PDFs, forms, Adobe Flash, and email contact information. A site outline and structural / functional site diagram may becreated to examine all of these aspects of the website.

Interface Design

Interface Redesign Wireframe

Part of a redesigned is to analyze a websit, based upon commonly accepted web design principles. With these in mind, a new interface layout of the site maybe diagramed offering a solution to eases its usefulness and aesthetic appeal, and recommendations will be made to resolve any issues.

Please download a PDF version of the Deliverables

*Definition text taken from a lecture by Jason Withrow, Professor at Washtenaw Community College